Monday, January 12, 2015

A Princes Proposal Review

Hello everyone today I'm going to talk about an otome game called "A Princes Proposal" by Voltage Inc, or known by "Be My Princess".  As I have said in my previous posts is that I love story style games.  This game here just happens to be one of them.  Now before I explain anything about the game, I would like to explain what otome games are.  They are basically where your female character and choose one of the seven boys the game gives you.  Yes, Yes, I know that doesn't sound too much fun to any of the guys out there, but this is for more of the women that like this style of game.  This genre of game comes from Japan.

                There’s more information about the game in the quotes down below. 

You, a university student studying abroad, have a chance encounter with the heirs to the thrones of six nations.  A love between a future king, who carries the fate of his country, and you, a girl with a decidedly ordinary upbringing, faces many obstacles.  So begins a romance that is dreamt of by girls all around the world in the ultimate story of a love between royalty and an outsider.

Since there are seven different characters for the game I'm going to just choose one of them.  Wilfred A. Spencer, the crown prince of Philip's Kingdom.  In his character profile you can see that he's 25 years old, has a blood type of A, was born on April 5th, and is 5'10 is height.  That seemed like a lot of information to me about the character.  The height, age, and his birthday was fine, but why did they put his blood type in his profile, can you say, "Unnecessary information".  Other than that little bit of odd information the games was very well written.  There are 15 chapters in the story with an epilogue if you get the Happy Ending.  I love the drawing for Prince Wilfred and prefer it over the "Be My Princess" anime.

You can get the prologue for free, but you have to purchase each character's story for $3.99. Now this might sound like a lot, but once you've played it you should feel that it was worth it, well it did for me. I like all of the characters from the game so if you decide to buy any of the characters other than Wilfred then they will all be great. Both of the games have the same storyline and the same characters, the only difference is the drawing of the characters. The information about the game can either be found on the wiki website or on Voltages Inc own website. You can get the app in for IOS and Android.

I have put where you can get the game for the “Be My Princess” down below, I would put the “A Princes Proposal,” but they have stopped updating the game.  If anyone from Voltage Inc reads this then, UPDATE THE GAME!!  I'm one of many people, who want to play this game for my newer device, but I can't get the purchase to move over, I also want to finish the sequels with how the characters are drawn in “A Princes Proposal.”

If you have any suggestions put it in the comments. I would love to hear some feedback about my post. You guys are the best, thanks for reading.

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