Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nancy Drew #14: Danger By Design Review

Hi guys, this week I’m going to be talking about Nancy Drew Danger By Design.  This game is the 14 installment in the Nancy Drew Series.

There’s more information about the game in the first paragraph down below.
Go Undercover in Paris and Unravel a Case in Style!  You, as Nancy Drew, intern undercover in a prestigious fashion design studio in Paris. The lead designer, Minette, hasn’t quite been herself lately. She hides behind a white mask and often throws tantrums, even firing several employees. Mysterious threats arrive at the old windmill studio and other troubles lurk in the underbelly of the City of Lights. Can you help Minette release her latest clothing line on time? Or will your sleuthing abroad meet an unfashionable end in Nancy Drew: Danger by Design?

The game came out in July of 2006 and is on my top five favorite of Nancy Drew games. The game itself was a really fun and I just loved all the puzzles and characters. I have played this game over a billion times and still love it. It's a long game that is why I love it so much, it takes about maybe eight hours to complete it.

I give this a 10/10 rating.  I love this game so much and I hope you will also get some enjoyment out of it.  You should be able to buy it anywhere, I have two copies first one was a download and the second one is a disc, the download activation code was deactivated due to a loss of information, sadly.  You should be able to get the game anywhere (Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or Herinterative).  Also if you buy it from the company’s website then you get a free walkthrough to go with it, download only.  I hope you enjoy this game.

I would like to apologize if I'm not posting on time. I have been swamped with a big project and will have very little time to write game reviews. This one is a little short due to the limited time I have to spare. I will try to work on the second part of the review for The Raven this month and post it sometime next month in March. The information in the quotes is from the Herinteractive website. Hopefully I can make regular on a two-week schedule, but until after April I might have an odd schedule.

If you have any suggestion put it in the comments.  I would love to hear some feedback about my post.  You guys are the best, thanks for reading.

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