Monday, March 30, 2015

Nancy Drew #1: Secrets Can Kill Original and Remastered Review

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about the very original game, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill, the very first of the Nancy Drew games.  This game came out in December of 1998 and was sadly discontinued, but was then remastered in August of 2010.

There is more information about the game in the two paragraphs below.

Original Version
A crime has been committed in Florida's Paseo Del Mar High School, and Nancy goes undercover to track down the criminal. Secrets Can Kill is a daring role-playing mystery game that challenges you to solve a murder as you role-play the part of the famous teenage detective, Nancy Drew. Use your powers of deduction to decide which of the students at Paseo Del Mar are friend or foe. As the crime unfolds, explore the town and find hidden clues, solve cool puzzles, collect and save useful inventory items, interrogate the suspects, and catch the murderer red-handed! Solve the mystery--if you dare!

Remastered Version
While visiting her Aunt Eloise in Florida, Nancy Drew learns that a high school student named Jake Rogers has been murdered at the local high school, Paseo del Mar, where her aunt is a librarian. An undercover police detective hires Nancy to solve the case.
Now I’m going to be talking about both original and remastered since they are almost all the same.  Both of the games are very similar except for some graphics, the characters in the original are 2D and the remastered are in 3D.  I think both styles of the graphics were really good, but I kind of preferred the 2D graphics for one of the characters (Daryl Gray).  The over all game was really good.  Their was, however a difference in between the two games.  One was the ending and the second was a new character.  The voice acting in the game was a little different, only two characters in the remastered were the same as the original, and that was Nancy Drew and Hal Tanaka.

This game is a classic to me and I hope that you all will think so as well.  I’m giving this game a 10/10 rating.  I remember when I was going to play this game for the first time, I had just started to finish up playing all the Nancy Drew games and when I found the original game, unopened copy.  I purchased the game immediately and started playing it on my very old PC from 2001.  I noticed a few differences in the games, especially the ending, but they were both the same game, but with a few changes throughout the game.

Thank you fro reading everyone, I hoped you all enjoyed my review.  Share and comment about my post.  If you have any suggestions for me to review than put it in the comments below.

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