Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gray Matter Game Review

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about the adventure Game Gray Matter.  This game came out in 2009 and was written by Jane Jensen.  This was the first game that I played of Jane Jensen and it is one of my most favorites.

More information about the game is in the paragraph below.

After a tragic accident, neurobiologist Dr. David Styles has become a recluse, rarely leaving his home, the Dread Hill House. One day, Samantha Everett, a street magician, appears at Dr. Style's doorstep just as he is seeking a new assistant. Samantha's first task is to find six people to form “The Lamb's Club” of human guinea pigs for Dr. Style's tests at Oxford University. The experiment starts off innocently enough, but then a chain of inexplicable incidents begin to occur, one after another. Are these experiments as innocent as they appear? What is the true aim of Dr. Styles' research? What secrets are waiting to cross over from the other side? What If Reality Was Just An Illusion? At the end of the quest to uncover these dark mysteries of Dread Hill House lies the answer.

When I first started to play this game I thought that Dr. David Styles was an old man in his 60's or near 70's, but once I saw what he looked like in the game and received more information about him I realized that I was off by at least 20 to 30 years. This game is set into chapter so you play one chapter as Sam or David. I always loved playing David because I wanted to understand him as a character and why he acted the way he did, this also goes for Sam.

I loved the graphics in the game, the graphics looked as if they were almost real. The voice acting was really good.  It matches the characters very well. The storyline flowed very well and was captivating; it was so captivating that I almost played the game in one sitting. There were a few places where I got stuck in the game, the cheating was more for the end of the game, but that was more for a few puzzles that I kept getting stuck on.

There also is a rumor of a second game being written about one of the characters in "The Lambs Club." Now, I won't name whom because it will spoil the ending of the game. I will say this, the rumor has been a round for a while, but nothing has been made official, yet. I would like to say to Jane Jensen as one of the many fans of her work, "We would love it if you made a sequel to Gray Matter." I am giving this game a review of a 10/10, I just love this game so much that it deserves nothing less.

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