Monday, April 27, 2015

Murder Mystery Party/Game

Hi everyone. Now instead of talking about a video game today, I'm going to talk about my very own storyline I created for my own game. Now this is a murder mystery game I wrote using my very own ideas, and no I will not be posting the information about the storyline. I will, however, talk about writing one.

I have never created anything like this before, so I will  test it out with my friends and family.  I hope it goes really well. When I was looking up ideas for the storyline I went to and to give me some ideas from their own writing. Except that I only could look at the characters and ideas for how to set it up. If I wanted the whole game I would have to purchase it.  Not going to happen.

There were a lot of storyline and plots that helped me create my own. Also, watching a lot of crime TV shows also help when coming up with an idea. Now, I based my story on the theme "Murder of a Millionaire" and "Murder At The Anonville Manor." Basically people with a lot of money and business, which is kind of, like a soap opera. I also watched 7 videos of How to Write and Host the Perfect Murder Mystery Party by Mysteries on the Net. If you want you can find his videos on YouTube. I believed the first video was the most helpful; the rest of the six videos explained the seven steps in the first video, which was also very helpful.

Well wish me luck, I'm finishing up the story and making sure its complete and it will lead to the villain. I Hope it does. I would also like to say that I did not post very much last week because everything got really busy and I ran out of time ... again. Hopefully this week won't be the same. Until about the last week in May, my schedule maybe chaotic, and after that I might be able to keep a schedule.

Thank you for reading everyone. On Monday next week, I will tell you how the game went and whether it was a successful or a failure (Please be a success). I will try to create some more post for later this week. I just saw that I have a 1,000+ followers on my Google+ page. I never expect to get so many and the reality of having that many followers amaze me, so thank you to those who follow me.

Until next time,

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