Thursday, May 28, 2015

Myst Review

I have finally finished the game Myst!  The game came out in 1993, but it was also remastered and now on steam, which is the one that I am playing now.  This game was created by Cyan Inc.

I have to say the game in general is pretty fun.  I did, however, get struck fairly quickly.  So I followed the walkthrough for the whole game.  When I was playing it the first time on my PC (before I got the one on steam), I had to play it twice because I forgot to save halfway through the game because it crashed.  Lets this be a reminder to everyone, figure out how to save a game before you play it.  It will be less of a headache if you know how to save.  Now back to the game.  As I said before, I did cheat that was because I got stuck on the island where you first start on.  I am normally very good and knowing what to do, but this game is really difficult.

The game is still fun to play even I used the walkthrough to play it.  Is it even possible to get stuck while following the walkthrough?  Well, I just happened to get stuck in the Channelwood Age for the pipes.  I also got stuck on the blasted piano puzzle to get the book for the Selenitic Age.  The pipes puzzle in the Channelwood Age was difficult, but that was after I realized the walkthrough was messing me up.  I was able to figure it out without cheating.

To get the book for the Selentic Age you need to enter the correct piano notes into levers, there is a piano behind and instructions in the Library on notes you need to enter, however, you have to use the sound of the note and nothing else.  If you think cheating will help than you are very wrong, you have to figure it out on your own.  I had a friend help me with this puzzle since they have solved it before.  I am also replaying the game as I write this.  I then decide to figure out the puzzle myself, and what do you know, I finally figured it out after a few thousand times.

Ok, I will stop ranting about the piano puzzle.  The game graphics were amazing it looks so real, but still cartoony.  I just loved the sounds in each world's with the music they played.   There is a total of 6 worlds.  There is the Myst Island in the beginning of the game, The Mechanical Age, The Stoneship Age, The Channelwood Age, The Selentic Age, and the special ending of the Rime Age.  If you go through the entire game, then you will get access to five of the ages, this includes the Myst Island.  You have to figure out or cheat to get the Rime Age.  In this final world you can find a preview for the next game, which is Riven.  If I had to choose at least one of my favorite worlds in the game it would be the Rime Age because there's snow and lightning, but it is also very dark so if I were you I would bring a flashlight.

I would suggest that everyone who loves a really good challenge to play this game.  I like challenges as much as the next person, but I would suggest that you have a walkthrough handy just incase you get stuck.  I have to give this game a 9/10.  I subtracted a point off of the game because I didn't like the piano puzzle and it was very frustrating for me.

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