Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nancy Drew Teaser For Game Number #33

As of today I found a teaser of game number 33, Nancy Drew Midnight in Salem. In the very end of the video I heard what I think is the new voice of Nancy Drew. 

I think they did a good job choosing the voice, it sounds younger that the original Nancy when the very first game came out, but it still sounds similar to the original.

Now I'm going to talk about what I think of the video. If I had to guess I think the game is going to take place in Salem, Oregon or Salem, Massachusetts. I think it would take place in the Massachusetts due to the Salem witch trials taking place there in the 19th century. When I heard Deirdre in the beginning of the video I was shocked. I would never imagine that she would call Nancy to help her out. Is this a beginning of a new friendship???

Probably not, but one can only hope that she could get along with Nancy. The fire of the Hawthorne House in the video to me suggests maybe someone is try to sabotage something or keep a secret hidden. The jack-o-lanterns suggest it there's a possible release in October or the game is placed in October. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but the figure on the path in front of the house seemed to be just watching as the house just burned to the ground. That seemed really creepy to me, as well as the hand that hit the window.

I would hope that Ned would be a phone character or an actual character in that we can talk to in person, I would love it if they did the same for the Hardy Boys. They could say that the Hardy Boys were there to investigate something in Salem.

Well, I hoped you liked my interpretation of newest game trailer. I haven't even received mine yet and people are already finishing. Well I know for sure that I will try to take my time playing the game. Today I also start to work on my Myst game so wish me luck.


As of 2017 there has not been a release date to the game since they are working with new software to make the game.  Since they have limited staff it will take longer to make the game.  So to anyone looking for new information about the game please give Her Interactive a break and stop saying horrible things about the company for taking so long. They will get the game out when they get the game out end of story.  Support them if you love the games they create and just be patience.  The game will come out when its ready.  I have seen other companies 10x the size of them take even longer to get games out and they are still loved.

Thank you for anyone that has read this post.  I really enjoyed writing this and thank you for everyone that is not throwing hate at this post and staying positive.

Until next time,

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