Thursday, August 13, 2015

Faith K-Drama Review (Warning Spoilers)

Hello everyone.  Today I’m going to review the K-Drama Faith.  This drama cam out in 2012 and I have finally decided to watch it.  This show is a Fantasy, Historical, Romance, and Medical Drama.  Warring there will be spoilers in the post, read at your own risk.

Lee Min Ho stars in this thrilling fantasy epic, as an elite warrior in 1300s Korea who travels to the 21st century to find a doctor capable of healing the Queen. In a comic twist, his search for a doctor with godlike abilities leads him to a popular plastic surgeon. When she refuses to believe his outlandish story, he kidnaps her, dragging her back into the past to save the Queen. Will this stoic warrior give up his code of honor and choose love over war, and will this career woman ever consider a life less modern? Only time will tell—literally.

Now, I have watched a few of Lee Min Ho’s dramas and I think all the characters he plays has one thing in common, they all are misunderstood and have one side they don’t showing.  Well that’s my opinion.

Now back to the show.  I got into the show really fast, but there were a few times throughout the show that I lost interest.  This was due to the excessive unnecessary information.  I skipped a bit of the information and still understood.

I was really rooting for the characters Choi Young and Eun-soo to be together in the end, which happened.  I also wondered why Ki-Chul couldn’t enter “Heavens Door.”  If I had to guess why it was because he was greedy and only thought about him, where Choi Young and Eun-soo thought about others instead of themselves.

If you like Fantasy, Historical, Romance, or Medical Drama then this is a show for you.  I have to give this drama an 8/10 rating.  I hope you take up my offer and try it.  I have been very busy recently and I hope I can post soon.  I might post again tomorrow, but I have to wait and see what’s going to happen tomorrow.

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