Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fixing Powder Makeup

How many of you have broken your powder makeup and have tried to put it back together?  Well I have and it a pain because it just keeps breaking.  I have the best way to put it back together.  You will need some rubbing alcohol (I would suggest 90% Alcohol.), something to mix it up, and a spoon to smooth out.

Take a small amount of the alcohol and add it to the powder.  If you need too, you can add more alcohol.  Once you are done mixing the makeup, smooth it out with a spoon.  After you’re done mixing the alcohol and makeup and have smoothed it let it dry for at least 12 hours or over night.  Your powder should be as good as new, it may smell like the alcohol, but after a day or two it should air out.

I have tried this and it works really well.  I forgot to get some of my own pictures for this post so I had to find some online.  I had broke my Covergirl face powder when the compact flew out of my hand and I think hit a wall.  This shattered half of the compact and made a mess, but its all back in one piece thanks to this trick.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I hope this helps fix your makeup powders.  This was definitely the best thing to do to save my face powder and I wish I knew this a few years ago when I first started to wear makeup.

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