Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Affects of Coloring Your Hair White Blond

If you ever decide to drastically change your hair color, think of all the possibilities that can go wrong.  For example, the color you choose was wrong (too light or too dark), the color looks bad on you or you don’t care for it.  Well, those are main problems that can happen, but what about the other things you don’t think about?  This happened to me and I am still paying the price for it, sadly.

About 3 years ago I started to color my hair blond.  I just loved the color for my hair.  When I first started I was using a dirty blond color to lighten up my brown hair.  After a while I decide to color my hair a light blond, almost a white blond.  I did this for about a year.  I would color the roots of my hair every once a month to hide my brown hair color and to make it look as natural as possible.

This is where the problem came, if you have ever colored your hair blond then you know that you are stripping the natural oils and pigment out of your hair.  This caused a lot of damage to my hair since I was using a very light color for such a long period of time.  This caused problems like knots in my hair, hair breaking (Split ends, splitting hair), and hair falling out.

If you have any of these problems you need to stop coloring your hair immediately.  This is the most effective way to fix your hair.  Some people decide to add color back to their hair to fix it, this sometimes works, but do nothing drastic.  I would suggest a reverse highlight of brown if you decide to do this, but be very careful and get a professionals opinion first before you do anything to your hair.  I would also suggest letting your natural hair grow before you do any blond again.

After about four to six month of not coloring my hair, it has gotten better, but I also had to cut a good three to four inches off of my hair to help my hair recover from this horrible incident.  Since my hair was long, it really did not affect me by cutting it, since it’s now a long bob, also my hair grows really fast which makes it easier.

That was my experience with coloring my hair to that light of a blond.  There were also other factors that caused my hair to break, but this was the main cause of my damaged hair.
Thank you for reading everyone.  This post was just to inform everyone about my experiences with lightening my hair as light as I did.  After I grow out most of the blond hair I have left, I will probably color it blond again, but not as light.  If you have any suggestions for my next post, put it in the comments below and remember to follow my social media sites for updates on new post.

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