Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Nude No. 40

After a very long search, I have found the perfect nude lipstick for me!  This is a Rimmel London Lasting Finish No. 40 by Kate Moss.

This lipstick is very light and was not a very popular lip color because of this.  I didn’t know about this until after I bought it but hey all that matters is that it is now my favorite shade.  This shade it not fit for everyone so I would suggest you go with a darker tone than this.  If you have fair skin then this will be perfect for you, if you have a medium tone skin the I would suggest you go with a no. 42, 43, or 45, and if you have dark skin then you can try the no. 48.

When first using the lipstick in went on very runny and looked horrible.  This probably was due to my lips being dry and the fact that since there is no color to the lipstick (eg. Red, brown) it goes on very creamy and runny.  I found that using Chapstick, then lightly dabbing the lipstick on, and then adding a little bit more Chapstick made it look smoother and fuller than with out.  This shade has a nice light pink tone at it almost similar to my lip color.  I have always liked Rimmel’s lipstick and this one has to be my favorite right now because its a nude lipstick, and just in time for spring. 

Thank you for reading everyone.  I hoped you enjoyed this little review.

Until next time,

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