Review Policy and Disclaimer

If you have any suggestions for my blog, then you can send it to me on one of my social media pages.  The links are down below and don't forget to follow.  If you want to work with me on anything you can contact me using the link below to a google forms.

Also please DO NOT send me emails about entering your contest to win prizes.  I Do Not accept and/or receive monetary compensation for any of the things that I review on this blog.  This is just a hobby.  Any requests related to that will be ignored and considered spam.  If you wish for me to review anything please know that since I am doing this as a hobby, I hope that with what ever you wish me to review that you will provided it to me.  I will not go out and buy a product just to review it because you have asked me too.  Blogging is a two way street.  


My blog is PR friendly and I would be happy to work with brands, companies, and other bloggers.  If you want to work with me, then you can contact me at my social media sites.

All products that are written for my blog are my honest opinion.  If I ever have a sponsored post, then I will state so in the post.  If I am sent a product to review and I am not interested in the product, I will not review it because I want to provide readers good quality posts for things that I find joy in.

If I do not like a product, then I will say as to why in the post.  I will, however, try to keep all of my posts positive.  All products are purchased with my own money unless I have said otherwise.

Thank you!